The woods around you seem to go on forever. The darkness creeps in closer and closer and the cold seeps into your bones. Deep in the forest you’re alone…but are you?

Among the Trolls is a first-person, survival, action-adventure game where the strange mysteries of Finnish forests are unraveled. 

You play as either Alex or Anna, having traveled from the U.S. to Finland to visit their grandparents who live in an isolated cabin located among the towering trees. When the cabin is found abandoned and the grandparents missing, you are pulled into a world of Nordic mythology and memories of childhood summers spent with your loved ones.


Experience and explore a vast world, full of Finnish folklore, myth, and ancient shamanistic magic.


Start an empowering adventure as you unearth your past and be prepared to discover more about the mysterious disappearance of your grandparents.


Build, settle, and survive in the idyllic but sometimes unforgiving, Finnish backcountry, using your skills to discover the secrets of your ancestors.


Enter a beautifully crafted 3D world, combining nostalgia, strangeness, as well as modern and ancient instrumentation, merged with the authentic sounds of Nordic nature that will make you want to stay forever among the trolls.

Break free from society and get lost in the woods — among the trolls.